Rasyan herbal Clove toothpaste

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ISME Rasyan Herbal Clove Toothpaste


ISME Rasyan Herbal Toothpaste, clove formula, small case, 2 sizes to choose from

Size 5 grams

Size 25 grams

Properties :

Helps whiten teeth fresh breath Helps reduce yellow teeth stains from cigarettes, tea and coffee, makes teeth white, strong, and reduces bad breath.

Main ingredient

** Cloves

: It is a Thai herb that has been used since ancient times. We use oil extracted from cloves, which has properties. It helps to reduce bacteria in the mouth which is the cause. Bad breath relieve toothache Help cure swelling.

How to use:

Using brush add pea size or a small amount of toothpaste , brush every morning, 1 ISME Rasyan Herbal Clove Toothpaste can be used for about 1 month.

Best use after meals and before bedtime or as recommended by the dentist

Rasyan Thai Herbal Toothpaste Clove Formula It is a concentrated formula toothpaste.

  • Only a small amount, a lot of bubbles
  • Economical formula, 1 piece, can be used for 2 months, clove has properties. It is a herbal remedy for toothache.
  • stop bad breath and help kill bacteria in the mouth for healthy gums and teeth
  • Help to whiten and clean teeth.
  • Helps to healthy gums and teeth Helps freshen breath
  • Helps reduce tooth sensitivity
  • Reduce the occurrence of bad breath
  • Reduces stains from cigarettes, tea, coffee
  • How to use: Yes, a small amount of toothpaste (about portion 1/10th the size of a toothpaste), daily.
  • At least twice a day, morning and evening

FDA Approved 10-1-5528374

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Rasyan herbal Clove toothpaste

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