Nissin Seafood Creamy Soup Cup Noodles

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Nissin Seafood Creamy Soup Cup Noodles

Net weight (per cup): 74g

  • 1 pack 

Thailand instant cup noodles containing real pieces of tasty seafood and featuring a delicious and light dashi broth.

Enjoy as an afternoon snack or light meal.

Nissin Seafood Creamy Soup Cup Noodles is added 20% noodles, 25% added ingredients, concentrated soup.

Ingredients: wheat flour, egg, soybean, shrimp, crab, squid, milk cream and sesame.


Very simple to make.

Just pour some hot water into the pot (there is an indicative line on the packaging).

Wait for 3 minutes with the lid closed and mix well.


Wheat flour 53.99%
Palm oil 14.46%
Seasoning (Seafood powder (Squid, Shrimp), Soy sauce, Chicken and pork extract powder, Fish sauce, Hydrolysed soy powder, Yeast Extract, Chicken stock concentrated, Glucose) 4.60%
Dried Vegetable (Cabbage, Carrot, Leek, Ginger) 4.26%
Non-Dairy creamer 4.04%
Iodine salt 3.00%
Dehydrated scramble egg 1.60%
Dried Seafood (Imitation crab stick, Cuttle fish) 1.47%
Spices 0.91%
Sugar 0.78%


  • 1 pack 
  • Net weight (per cup): 74g
  • Made in Thailand

FDA Approved 13-2-01956-6-0025


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Nissin Seafood Creamy Soup Cup Noodles

AED 5.00