Kanokwan Pad Thai Paste

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Kanokwan, PAD THAI PASTE assist easy to make famous Thai dishes like the original. Authentic Thai food style property - Convenient, fast - intense flavor - for 2-3 people / Pack.

Features & details
Easy for making delicious PAD THAI FOOD.
Selected products, quality and standards for production.
The famous Thai Food from Thailand.

How to cook Authentic Pad Thai:


- Soak dried rice noodles 80-100g. Drain and set aside. Or fresh rice noodles 200g.

- Heat oil 1-3 tbsps in pan. Add frest shrimps 100g. and diced tofu 50g. Stir fry until meat cooked.

- Add an egg and wait until cooked without stirring.
- Add prepared rice noodles and Kanokwan Pad Thai Paste. Stir until fully cooked and fragrant.
- Add bean sprouts and chives. Stir fry until the ingredients mixed well together.

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Kanokwan Pad Thai Paste

AED 8.00