Beauti Srin Collagen Instant Coffee

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Beauti Srin Collagen Instant Coffee

Product of Thailand

  • Contributes to good, youthful skin.
  • Contributes to anti-aging.
  • Contains white kidney bean extract. Helps to control weight
  • Contains ginseng extract and many vitamins
  • Use sucralose, no sugar.
  • Ginseng reduces premature aging.
  • L-Carnitine L-Tartate burns excess body fat.
  • Chromium increases metabolism, increase muscle mass

Beauti Srin Coffee Collagen 10 in 1

Increase collagen 3 times

The properties of Beauti Srin Collagen Coffee helps to add moisture to the skin, helping the skin to be smooth, soft, nourish the skin.

White, clear, Increase collagen 3 times more deeply nourish the skin

radiance Obviously, Beauti Srin Collagen coffee is suitable for those who want add moisture to the skin, nourish, slow down the aging process.

How to drink:

  • Take 1 sachet per day, mix with 120 ml of hot water, stir well and drink.
  • Best before meals
  • Delicious, mellow, can drink every day.

1 pack net weight 144 grams (12 grams * 12 sachets)

FDA registration number 74-2-05557-2-0013

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Beauti Srin Collagen Instant Coffee

AED 37.00